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bryan field mcfarland: CDs & mp3s

Bryan Field CDs

Bryan has 2 CDs available at CD Baby.

1) "All Around Me" is a Do-It-Yourself collection of Bryan's early songs from 1973-1987 and was released in September 2003.

2) "Way" is Bryan's first studio CD produced by Rob Seals and released in June 2004.
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Bryan Field @ MP3tunes

Online music store that allows purchase of regular MP3 files, for maximum compatibility with all computers and players.

65 cents per song. $6.50 per full-album.
Bryan's page @


AOL's bundled service, right now for AOL members on Windows only. Will be working with Tower and Virgin's download services. 60 cents per song. $7.00 per full-album. $.002 per stream.
MusicNet homepage

Rule Radio

My friend Sam Funchess in Greensboro, NC runs this online radio and download store. 65 cents per song. $6.50 per full-album.
Rule Radio Homepage


Downloadable program for Windows, based more towards playing/streaming/listening than downloading. Rhapsody is owned by Real Networks. 65 cents per song for non-subscribers, 60 cents per song for Rhapsody subscribers. $6.50 per full-album for non-subscribers, $6.00 per album for subscribers. 1 cent per stream.
Rhapsody Homepage

Bryan's CDs @ CD Baby