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bryan field mcfarland: Workshops/Retreats


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• Creativity & Spirituality •

In our persistent, fast-paced culture it’s easy to forget that we are fashioned in the image of a creating God. This seminar is designed to intentionally interrupt our adherence to “what’s going on” and let ourselves play and create. Participants commit to at least one follow-up meeting with a spiritual friend to enjoy and assess a “creativity project” which could be writing a short story, composing a song, or any other outlet for creativity always “dreamed about” and never (‘til now) brought to life.

• Walking Our Prayer: Drawing & Designing a Labyrinth •

Wanna build a labyrinth with your group or at your home? Bryan can help. Bryan will lead you through a simple process of learning to draw a small seven-circuit labyrinth, then plotting a chalk labyrinth, and ending up with a classic, seven-circuit OR Chartres style eleven-circuit labyrinth in materials you determine. It really is quite easy and affordable to design your own, transport-able canvas labyrinth for about $50.00. Lemme help ya.

• Sabbath-keeping: Opening & Enjoying The Gift •

width="112" height="174" border="1"align="left">How's your time management? Did you know that sabbath is all about accepting the gift of time to just BE? In our production-oriented society we tend to be more like human DOINGS instead of human BEINGS. This seminar is meant to be informative, but also a "practice whatcha preach" time during which participants are given the permission to open God's gift of sabbath rest.

The banner to the left is Wayne Forte's Sabbath Banner. Click here for more about the Sabbath Banner.

• Drawing Celtic Knots: Playing & Praying With Eternal Pathways •

Do you like to doodle? This 90-minute seminar is an introduction to the spiritual discipline of playing with and praying with Celtic knots. Participants learn a method for drawing knotwork and freehand images in the alternating over/under pattern that symbolizes eternity and unity.

• Delving Deeply: Celtic Consolation for Commuters •

Celtic books - Celtic music - Celtic spirituality. What's all the buzz about things Celtic? This seminar introduces the various streams of Celtic wisdom, from spirituality to ecology, from storytelling to time management. Participants will
learn the history of the early Celtic people and why their history informs our present;

discover what Bryan calls "Celtic delving" which informs how we live our life, watch movies, listen to music, grow in relationship, & “mine” for meaning.
draw a Celtic knot exploring its unique ability to help us trace the meaning of life‘s path.

• Walking the Prayers of the Whorl: Labyrinth Facilitation •

Labyrinths. Churches, camps, hospitals, and individuals have them. Bryan has prayed/walked a labyrinth since 1997 when he first began observing this spiritual discipline as pastor of Dale Presbyterian Church in Dale, IN. Since then, he has facilitated middle & high school groups, campus ministry groups, church sessions, and other groups in discovering this powerful, simple tool for prayer and spiritual health. Bryan is a Trained Labyrinth Facilitator with Veriditas.

• The Compass Points of Celtic Christian Spirituality •

In a learning-center approach suitable for all audiences, Bryan shares the PRINCIPLES, HISTORY, ARTISTRY, & PRACTICALITY of the Celtic way of living as Christians. Participants will
draw Celtic knots,
write Celtic Working Prayers,
walk/pray a 10’X10’ Celtic knot, and
discover the Celtic roots in our holidays and traditions ranging from mistletoe to Halloween.

• Singing Our Life : Heeding the Soundtrack of Our Days •

Based in part on the 2004 book A Song to Sing, A Life to Live : Reflections on Music as Spiritual Practice by theologian/musician, Don Saliers and Indigo Girl daughter, Emily Saliers, this seminar/retreat literally “plays” the soundtrack songs of individuals in the group. This group listening leads to discussions on music, meaning, the presence of God in culture, and exploring the connections between the secular & the sacred.

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